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We pride ourselves on the quality of our skinny shots, every single flavour goes through months of taste testing to create the perfect blend for you.

Maintaining a healthy balanced diet is so important to us at TRKG Healthy Living. Overconsumption of sugar can increase the number of calories we consume daily. If we overconsume on our calories it increases risks of obesity which can lead to critical health problems such as heart disease and type 2 Diabetes.

TRKG Healthy Living started as a small family business, when a family member was Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2017 it was a bit of a shock as he had always seen his diet as healthy.
We wanted to find a way to add sweetness and flavour to our meals without the high sugar content and calories.

In April 2018 we created TRKG Skinny shots for our family and yours. We are proud to say all our Skinny Shots are 100% sugar free and calorie free as certified by Sugar wise & registered with The Vegan Society.
They are also made and produced here in the UK!

TRKG Skinny Shots allow us the versatility to add an intense flavour and sweetness to our daily diet in both food and drink from breakfast to evening treats. We can now liven up mealtimes so that we can still maintain incredible flavour and sweetness in our diet with no guilt, added sugars, overconsuming on sugars and calories or any harmful additives.

Since releasing our product with 7 flavours in 2018 we have been committed to offering you a wider variety of flavours to suit hundreds of meals, drinks, snacks and baking.

We share hundreds of recipes on our social media pages @trkghealthyliving to help our customers get the most from our products and share their unlimited uses!
Head to our shop to view our fast growing range of flavours.

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